Christmas Letter 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

     Prepare the way of the Lord! This is the call to everyone at all times. But it takes on a special meaning for us during the Advent season as we anticipate Christmas and the unsurpassable mystery of God being born among us. There is no better gift that God Himself. So how are we to respond? By committing to walk the way of discipleship; by fostering a sense of community with one another as the Body of Christ; by inspiring others to seek an encounter with our Lord through the witness of our lives. And we do all of this together, as a parish family.

     Your Advent and Christmas gifts are essential to supporting our parish family and the vital ministries and areas of operation for our parish.

     I humbly ask that you prayerfully consider making a one-time Advent/Christmas gift of $125 or what is on your possibilities to ensure that our ministries and operations can continue supporting the mission of our parish. You can send your gift to our parish office, or simply by clicking here DONATE. And as you look ahead to the beginning of a new year, if you are able to resume or increase your weekly contribution even in the slightest amount, you may do so through our webpage, as well.

     If you are unable to make a financial gift at this time, please pray for Mary Queen of Heaven family and know that I am praying for you during the masses. Please pray as well for the unification of Mary Queen of Heaven and Our Lady of the Mount as we going to begin soon the transition process to become one family at 2 worship sites. Let the Holy Spirt guide you in your thoughts, words and actions for a friendly and peaceful transition, that we may become true disciples and missionaries of Christ, our Lord.

     Our parish family is doing wonderful work to offer the light and love of God to the community around us such as in the distribution of coats, blankets, and lunch boxes to celebrate WORLD DAY OF THE POOR. The food pantry continues helping families. I’m grateful to the commitment of our staff and volunteers, we minister to the needs of so many through the spiritual and corporeal works of mercy. Of course, the need for additional volunteers is ever present and I invite you to be involved in parish life, whether it be in an existing ministry or stepping forward to share your talents in a new way by contacting me.

    Whatever you are able to share in terms of financial contributions, volunteer time or prayer, please know that you are a gift to our Mary Queen of Heaven family. Your presence, whether in spirit or in person, mean more to our local Church than you can imagine.

May the love of the Holy Family be yours during the Advent and Christmas seasons. I continue to pray for you and ask that you continue to pray for me.

God Bless,

Rev. Sergio de la Torre - Carrillo

Parish Administrator

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